Feelings That Are More Than Just Feelings

Did you ever feel like no matter what you're doing it's never enough?  Like no matter how many things you've done in a day and even though nothing is wrong and everything is fine, your body is just restless... Recently I literally cannot calm down.  Even if I'm in a super peaceful setting my mind [...]


Tips For Healing & Trying To Avoid Triggers

Right now I'm being blessed with lots of healing and positive energy. Although at first I was questioning if it was just mania, I found through the shifts back and forth from the madness to the numbness that I was still able to control my feelings and ground myself a bit easier. While being on [...]

Don’t Text Him

Late night, early morning, mid-afternoon.  Leaving a party alone, watching a really corny romance movie and feeling all soft after, or just having the house to myself all day with nothing to do besides sit in my pajamas and keep checking my phone.  These are the times it's hardest to keep myself from reaching out [...]